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Speciality Coffees

Spanish Lattes

Classic Spanish- a latte made with sweetened condensed milk can be served hot or iced £4.50

Rose petal Spanish- classic Spanish latte made with rose water and sweetened with condensed milk with a splash of beetroot juice where East meets west, can be served hot or iced. £4.50

Pistachio Latte-the Rolls Royce of lattes – classic Spanish latte with pistachio paste and milk……a little taste of luxury! Served hot or iced £5.95

Turkish delight Hot chocolate £5.25 add cream 50p Rose flavoured white hot chocolate with whipped cream and 2 Turkish delights.



Vanilla Frappe Iced vanilla shake with whipped cream £3.25

Coffee Frappe- iced coffee shake topped with whipped cream £3.25

Chocolate Frappe – iced chocolate shake topped with whipped cream. £3.25

Chai latte Frappe – chai latte shake topped with whipped cream £3.25

Dietary Info
Milk alternatives are available; Coconut/Almond/Soya/Oat.
Add Syrup to any coffee for 50p – Hazelnut, caramel, vanilla.