1 Course £7.952 Courses £9.953 Courses £11.95

Mon- Thurs 12noon- 2.30 p.m.  Fri-Sat 12 noon-5 p.m.


Cream of roasted baby tomato & basil

Deep fried garlic mushrooms in Japanese panko breadcrumbs, garlic and chilli mayonnaise. V

Deep fried potato skins, garlic and chilli mayonnaise or BBQ sauce. V

Garlic and mozzarella baguette. V

Fried award winning black pudding, crispy onions and red wine sauce.

Chicken liver pate, caramelised onion and chilli jam and sourdough flutes.

Spicy chargrilled chicken wings.

Whitby cod and salmon fishcake, homemade tartare sauce.

Spicy French fish soup, flutes and aioli. S

Main Courses

Braised shin of beef in a creamy black pepper sauce, crispy onions and rustic skinny fries .

Chargrilled 8 oz flat iron steak, Diane sauce or creamy pepper sauce, mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes and rustic skinny fries. GF

Hot roast topside of beef baguette, onion gravy and rustic skinny fries .

The Classic-chargrilled short rib burger, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, gherkin and our secret recipe sauce in a brioche bun and rustic skinny fries.

Chargrilled marinated chicken fillet, garlic and chilli mayonnaise and rustic skinny fries. GF

Chargrilled spicy chicken wings and rustic skinny fries.

Chicken panko club baguette with Monterey Jack cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes.

Spicy homemade Moroccan lamb merguez sausage baguette.

Spicy Italian beef meatball baguette with mozzarella cheese, aioli & lettuce

Pan fried marinated chicken fillet, Diane sauce, rustic skinny fries. GF

Pan fried marinated chicken fillet, creamy black pepper sauce and rustic skinny fries .GF

Classic chicken Parmesan, rustic skinny fries and aioli.

Hot shot chicken Parmesan, rustic skinny fries and aioli.

Spicy Italian beef meatball bake – homemade spicy beef meatballs baked with macaroni, tomato sauce, mozzarella and rocket.

Chilli con carne bake topped melted cheese, served with rice and soured cream.

Jacket potato with chilli con carne & soured cream.

Spaghetti with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce.

Spaghetti with chicken, peppers and mushrooms in a spicy tomato sauce.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

Spaghetti with tiger prawns in a creamy garlic & white wine sauce.

Seafood spaghetti marinieres with tiger prawns, mussels and calamari in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce or tomato, garlic and chilli sauce.S

Deep fried tiger prawns in panko breadcrumbs, French fries aioli & dressed leaves.

Whitby cod and salmon fishcake, rocket, rustic skinny fries and homemade tartare sauce.

Deep fried Hake goujons, rustic skinny fries, mushy peas and homemade tartare sauce.

Deep fried Whitby scampi, rustic skinny fries, garden peas and tartare sauce.S

Spicy Haddock tagine with roasted peppers and aubergines in a spicy tomato sauce with rice.

Spicy Egyptian stew with roasted peppers and aubergines, bruschetta and aioli. V

Egyptian Koshary- a warm mix of rice, macaroni, lentils and chickpeas with tomato sauce, spicy chilli dressing (served separately) and crispy onions. V

Tomato & mozzarella macaroni bake, homemade basil & pine nut pesto, roquito pepper pearls, rocket & Parmesan shavings.

Cold chicken Caesar salad, Pancetta & Parmesan shavings, served with jacket potato.

Chargrilled chicken salad with Mediterranean vegetables, served with jacket potato.

Chargrilled marinated beef steak salad with blue cheese, bacon & crispy onion, served with jacket potato.

Prawn salad with Marie Rose sauce & jacket potato.


Vanilla bean creme brullee.

Lemon and lime posset.

Affogatto -(vanilla ice cream topped with a hot espresso)

Iced Alphonso mango sorbet

Coffee of your choice.


Garlic Baguette £3

Garlic and mozzarella baguette Half  £2.95  Full £4.95

Bread basket £2.95

Bread basket and olives £4.95

Queen Green olives £3.50

Flutes – dried sourdough thins £1.95

Sweet potato fries £3.50

Onion rings £2.95

Green Salad £3.50

Mixed Salad £3.50

Panache of steamed seasonal vegetables. £2

Buttered new potatoes £3

French Fries £1.50

Oven Spicy Rice £3

Garlic mayo 50p


Garlic butter £2.50

Diane sauce £2.50

Creamy pepper sauce £2.50

Blue cheese sauce. £3.50